Three Steps for Content Consumption User Analysis Colombia WhatsApp Number List

How do you generally find out the data of content consumption. And what are your evaluation criteria for the phenomenon of content consumption? What kind of thinking and preparatory work will you do before you get to the bottom of it? This time. I would like to explain to you some of my pre-thinking and plans when I was digging through the content consumption data. When making content. The relevant indicators of content consumption are topics that cannot be avoided: whether it is duration. Interaction. Algorithm strategy. Content type.  Etc. With the explosion of short videos. All major platforms have begun the road of involution;



What is the current time distribution

I will always be in an information cocoon. Our Colombia WhatsApp Number List own platform can’t escape this law: we have also started the road of involution; although our platform’s graphic content occupies half of the country (their related data is also top); but short videos still have to start paving the way. Based on such a big background . I started the basic analysis and bottom-up of platform content consumption users. From a platform perspective. The smaller the granularity of the data. The better; but I think that from the data of some main data dimensions and some more important function points. We can get a glimpse of the overall performance of the data consumed by the platform content. First. I customized a few goals for myself: What is the current time distribution of content consumption by users?


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Is there a user group that is only responsible

How much can the market share? What is the Colombia WhatsApp Number List behavior path of these users who only have consumption behavior? How active are they? 1. What is the current time distribution of content consumption by users? In fact. This question is easy to get; but I want to know the related indicators of other dimensions based on this goal: How long is the overall per capita consumer time of the large-scale content (excluding new users); this indicator allows me to perceive the current user’s recognition of the content. And the content quality of the platform can be deduced from the consumption time. I can use this indicator as a baseline to divide the modules of consumption time.

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