Three Main Post Types In The Vast

Then you’re eligible to have a Google My Business listing, and that listing is a major element of your local SEO strategy. You need to stand out from competitors and show potential customers why they should check you out. Google Posts are one of the best ways to do just that thing. How to use Google Posts effectively For those of you who don’t know about Google Posts, they were released back in 2016, and they used to show up, up at the top of your Google My Business panel, and most businesses went crazy over them.

Into  Distinct Lines But In Reality It’s Different

In October of 2018 they moved them down to Benin Phone Number List the very bottom of the GMB panel on desktop and out of the overview panel on mobile results, and most people kind of lost interest because they thought there would be a huge loss of visibility. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. They’re still incredibly effective when they’re used correctly. Posts are basically free advertising on Google. You heard that right. They’re free advertising. They show up in Google search results. Seriously, especially effective on mobile when they’re mixed in with other organic results. But even on desktop, they help your business attract potential customers and stand out from other local competitors.

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Depending On Which Post Template You Use

More importantly they can drive pre-site Phone Number QA conversions. You’ve heard about zero-click search. Now people can convert without getting to your site. They appear as a thumbnail, an image with a little bit of text underneath. Then when the user clicks on the thumbnail, the whole post pops up in a pop-up window that basically fills the window on either mobile or desktop. Now they have no influence on ranking. They’re a conversion factor, not a ranking factor. Think of it this way though. If it takes you 10 minutes to create a post and you do only one.

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