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So its use can be avoide. In order to view websites with Flash graphics, the player must be installe on. The computer, so those who do not have the player installe on. Their computer do not see your website in full. People are not always happy to install software on their computer so it is possible that some of your audience will get a missing site. In addition, the company has stoppe providing support for a number of issues, so if you encounter a problem with the software, you may have difficulty finding a solution. 11. Spee We have a very short time to impress our users, and a site that hangs and doesn’t respond quickly can throw them off.

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Today, a site that does not load and scroll quickly simply loses Bulgaria Phone Number List a lot of users, when everyone is impatient and has a light finger on the mouse. That is why it is important to make sure that the meia files you upload are not heavy and slow down the spee of the site, in addition it is very important that the site is hoste on professional and high-quality servers that will allow the site to run quickly. This way you can keep your surfers and improve their user experience. 12. Get help from professionals It is true that the “do-it-yourself” trend in the field of website building, le by the Israeli WIX, has gaine many fans, but today it is understood that alongside the many advantages mainly low cost.

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There are also quite a few disadvantages. Professional website Phone Number QA builders know exactly how to capture the attention of users and how to make them understand and see exactly what you want on the website. In addition, they make sure that the website has a uniform design line and. The graphic designs made by a designer will always look better than ready-made designs.

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