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My Business reviews comments on Glassdoor, site trustworthiness information on Trustpilot. Or something else. Wikipedia is also a common thread between many of the results. While 89% of Page 1 results’ websites or organizations had at least one. Wikipedia mention, 93% of Top 3 results did, too. As far as actual Wikipeia pages, 73% of Page 1 results and 82% of Top 3 results’ organizations had one. The high prevalence on. Page 1 tells me that it’s fairly common to have a. Wikipedia connection, but the higher numbers corresponding to the Top 3 results hints at what their importance might be. Another patent from Google, this one update in 2018, discusses the topic of see sites.

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A see site, theoretically, is one that the search Malta Phone Number List engine trusts because it generally has quality content and good, valuable links. Google hasn’t reveald whether this see site theory is valid, or to what extent it plays a role in search algorithms (if any). But if I were to choose a sed site, Wikipedia would be a good contender. Each page has tons of links to websites with relevant information on carefully organize topics. Another website worth mentioning is the Better Business Bureau. While it only gives limite perspective (since it only relates to Canadian and US businesses), I found that many Page 1 results’ organizations (70%) and even more Top 3 results (74%) had at least a BBB page but not necessarily a grade.

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A little over one-fourth of results that had Phone Number MX a BBB page didn’t have a rating. It seems to me that the value is in getting liste on BBB’s website more so than achieving a good grade perhaps a North American-specific see site of sorts. Lesson 3: Transparency and honesty are the best policies So far, we’ve learne a lot about E (expertise) and A (authoritativeness) but SEO for enterprises and SMBs alike, but they aren’t easy to get right. At best, they should give potential customers zero excuse to choose a competing business.

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