This Way You Can Find Out Which Version Works

The most important happy conversion optimization continues to test. A/B testing means that you do a test in which 50% of the visitors see version A of your website or a landing page and the other 50% version B. This way you can find out which version works best for you. visitors.

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In order for the testing to be successful, you ned to take into account a number of factors that can influence the result:

  • Test population
    To get a reliable result, the test population must be large enough. If you have a low number of visitors and conversions, you will have to test a little longer. With this tool you calculate the length and size of your A/B test.
  • Test duration
    When an A/B test runs for a long time, it is possible that visitors have deletd their cookies and as a result appear several times in the results. This can pollute your statistics.
  • Regular/new customers
    Regular customers often behave differently than new customers. It is important that you know which group is participating in the test. Regular customers PR Directors Email Lists already know where to find something, which can disguise the fact that there are ambiguities in your website for new customers.

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It is therefore very easy to draw the wrong conclusions during A/B testing. This often has to do with the test design or the interpretation of the results. To avoid this, you can use this checklist while testing:

  • Provide the correct test population.
  • Don’t just look at conversions, but also analyze visitor behavior.
  • Allow enough testing time to get enough results.
  • Don’t forget to compare your A/B test with the original (A/A/B). This way it becomes visible if your A/B test is technically incorrect.
  • Note different results from different browsers.
  • Don’t forget deferrd conversions.
  • Don’t make too many adjustments at once.

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