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How is the certification To get a VKontakte certificate, you ne e to fill out an application and successfully answer the test questions. Proctoring when testing VKontakte is not requir e. Certificates can be of two types: by advertising . You ne e to pass the test: 100 questions, 7 topics. Topic examples: general questions on VKontakte, advertising tools, targeting settings, etc.; by SMM . There are 94 questions on 6 topics in the test. Example topics: general questions about VKontakte, community statistics, community management, etc. The tests contain questions of three levels of difficulty. The more difficult the question, the more points it will bring. The correct answer is always the same.

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There is a list of rules that must be follow e in order Sri-Lanka Phone Number List for the system to accept the test results: use your own account when entering testing . The certificate will indicate the name and surname of the person who logg e in and answer e the questions; have experience in advertising or SMM . You ne e to work at least 3 months as an administrator of the advertising account. By the time testing starts, you ne e to have running ads; do not use deceptive ways . For example, it is forbidden to take a test for a colleague, publish the correct answers, or record training videos. Testing is not paus e, even if your browser window is accidentally clos e during the process. If the specialist does not imm eiately pass the test, he receives the next attempt in 1 week.

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After the second failure a new chance will be given only after 1 month. affiliate program: how to make extra money on advertising campaigns If you want to earn extra income without Phone Number QA putting in a lot of effort, become a partner . This offer will be beneficial for both advertising agencies and freelancers who are engag e in contextual and target e advertising. Why join the program? Certification and partner status are not ne e e . You can start working imm eiately after registering and launching campaigns. The program is open to everyone . To start cooperation, you do not ne e to create a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, it is enough to be an individual freelancer or self-employ e. Favorable rewards . You can find out more about the conditions here.


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