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The final step of website personalization actually never stops. You check whether everything is correct and start the experiment by asking the following control questions:

  • Who is the personalization for and why?
  • What underlying assumptions and hypotheses have been formed?
  • What is personalised?
  • Which metrics are important and how are they measured?

Website Personalization

When an experiment is finishd, you look at the results. What works and what doesn’t? And why? You formulate new experiments base on these results. This is the iteration VP Risk Email Lists process. This way you can start easily with a simple personalization for one specific target group. After this you are able to experiment and learn towards the goals that are important for your organization.

VP of Risk Email Lists

Tips for getting startd with

  • Make sure the audience definition and segmentation are clear. It regularly goes wrong when the target group is not clearly defind, so that personalizations are not directly relevant.
  • More personalization isn’t always better. Not only does personalizing multiple website elements such as buttons and texts have more impact on the organization, the effect is not necessarily better either . Small website personalizations can have a big impact. Therefore, start with small experiments.
  • Collect data about website traffic. In general, it is recommendd to use website personalization if you have 15,000 or more visitors per month. Does your organization have fewer visitors, but a clear target group or focus on a selection of target accounts? Then website personalization is also recommende.
  • For many organizations, website personalization is something new. What is new is often exciting. Resistance to personalization is therefore normal. Be aware of this.

To work

Website personalization is an ideal way to better communicate with the target audience. Get starte with defining the target group, brainstorming and setting up experiments. Experience the power of website personalization for yourself. Any experience with this form of personalization? Let me know in a comment below, I’m curious.

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