This is the emoji etiquette for business communication & marketing

Emojis shape the way we communicate, interpret messages and share emotions worldwide. As people, but also as brands. What can emojis mean for brands? How do we use them in business communication and marketing? And can you today without embarrassment send your boss a smiling poo as a thank you, or is that still not quite okay? An overview of the current situation, the do’s and the don’ts.

A while ago, on the occasion of World Emoji Day (July 17), I already delved into the history and current use of emojis in our daily lives. This time: emojis in our business communications Risk Managers Email List and marketing. What are the developments in this area? Do emojis actually add something to our communication and marketing expressions? Do they improve life on the office floor and the home workplace or do they just complicate communication? One thing is certain, the use of emojis also requires the right feelers.

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Emojis in Professional Communication

For a long time it was not done to use emojis in your business communication. An e-mail to your boss or a customer with a simple was already on the edge. Unprofessional, inappropriate, childish. And that is still the case in many sectors. This has been mapped  out before and current research still seems to confirm this. Emoji senders are seen as less competent and messages are more likely to be perceived as inappropriate.

Emojis in your workplace

So why not send that unicorn to your customer as a thank you for the deal? No, it’s not that black and white. The emoji brings nuance! So while the prevailing view is still that emojis are inappropriate in business communications, their use in the workplace is growing exponentially. Think, for example, of the internal communication within your organization or company. New and more informal tools such as WhatsApp and Slack are increasingly being used for this, especially since the pandemic. These platforms actually focus on emoji use and encourage their sharing among users. And not just for fun. Sometimes a simple thumbs up is as efficient as a response. You can also respond with emojis in Google Docs these days.

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