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A good option is to use Target Share of Ad Spend. This strategy keeps the advertiser’s specifie share of ad spend within the budget. Don’t set a minimum price . Track your target cost per conversion or target ADR (depending on the strategy). When placing in a product gallery, you will not be able to get a price of 50 rubles, if on average for other placements in Yandex this indicator is at the level of 1000 rubles. Preparing the fee for placement in the product gallery If you want to get the most out of your product gallery, it’s important to be prepare. Yandex offers some tips . Fill in as many fields as possible in the fee . Are you using a custom Yandex.Market fee? Write the following parameters in the YML file: price, model, picture, url, vendor, typePrefix. When making a simplifie YML fee, be sure to include url, price, name, picture. Product gallery param should be use . This element allows you to tell the user about the characteristics and limitations of the product.

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Among them for example the recommende age Lebanon Phone Number List material of manufacture, etc. All products in the fee must have as many parameters as possible in their description in order to be include in the filtering results. Please note that it is acceptable to include a large number of params in one offer element. And in each param you can enter only one characteristic. It is desirable to reflect the essence of the proposal in the title . The text part only includes the title, so it should include enough information to attract the user. A simplifie YML fee allows you to apply the following scheme: product type – manufacturer – product – basic parameters. When using a custom fee, these parameters must be specifie in separate elements. This approach allows you to show ads more often for relevant queries. The picture must meet the requirements of the system . First of all, choose a white background.

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This will increase the chances of impressions for relevant queries and successful moderation. Please note that the background in the screenshots above is Phone Number QA always white or light gray. Product gallery Specialists who run advertising campaigns in Direct and other systems may be intereste in the capabilities of our service – . It will help to combine different platforms within one advertising account. We offer automate tools to track campaign performance, process search queries, and even write ads. You can also participate in the affiliate program and return up to 15% of advertising costs. We have create an algorithm that checks inventory balances in twelve online stores. The robot itself stops advertising if the product is over, and launches it if it is on sale. Automation accelerate the process 360 times: from 2–3 days to 10 minutes. We tell how it works and what benefits it brings for the client and the agency.


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