B2b Organization, This is How You Start With Website Personalization

Personalization has been tipped as one of the trends of 2020 . Data-driven personalization offers many opportunities for marketers. For example, think of a personalized experience based on the location or opened advertisements. Although personalization plays an important role in marketing, it is a major challenge for many marketers. Expectations, both internal and external, are high. How do you meet those expectations and make your website personalization a success?

In this article I will discuss website personalization for B2B organizations. What is it, why is it important and how do you get started? A concrete step-by-step plan gives you practical tools to get started.

What is website personalization?

You probably have an idea of ​​what it is. In fact, you probably experience it several times a day when you visit a webshop or search engine. But what exactly is it? In this article I use the following definition of website personalization:

Website personalization is the process of creating Chairman Email Lists unique, customized experiences for visitors to a website. Instead of an unambiguous approach, this enables companies to offer visitors a unique experience based on their characteristics, needs and wishes.
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When you read the definition, the most important elements are: a unique website experience for visitors based on their characteristics, needs and wishes. You probably recognize that: just that one product that fits well with your previously viewed products. Or an interesting and personalized pop-up based on the article you are reading. And how about a personalized chat window with a relevant question for a visitor based on his profile, location or behaviour?

Why website personalization?

In an earlier article I wrote about the significant impact of website personalization on conversion, time spent on the website and sales opportunities. The statistics are remarkable. This is partly because website personalization makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. Research shows that if people cannot immediately find the information they are looking for, they drop out much faster.

Well-executed website personalization not only results in fewer dropouts. It also impacts loyalty, repeat purchases, and references. Customers and prospects feel better understood and valued and this is reflected in your KPIs.

The added value is therefore clear. But how do you ensure that your organization also experiences these benefits? Where do you start? What exactly are you going to personalize? The step-by-step plan below will help you on your way.

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