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It doesn’t matter if the post is a funny picture of the team at the office (where we’ll probably want likes and comments) or the latest post on your blog (where we’ll probably prefer website visits) or some kind of holiday sale (where we’d like people to buy our product). Regardless of the content of your post, the BOOST option selects the goal of “post promotion” which will cause Facebook to expose it to people who are likely to like, comment or share. This ad is not intende to drive traffic, get leads, or generate sales. Pretty useless if we were hoping for one of those things, right? Right.

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If this all sounds pretty confusing, don’t worry. We have prepare Colombia Phone Number List some examples to demonstrate the significant differences between BOOST POST and creating a targete ad. Here is an example of a BOOSTe post: Advertising on Facebook In December we uploade a new article to our blog, and share it on our Facebook page. Of course our goal was for people to come to our website to read the post. Therefore, we had to create an ad and choose the option “Sending Facebook surfers to the business website”. Apparently we were not focuse, because we actually chose the option of “post promotion”. What happene? In short – nothing.

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Here are the (not so) impressive results?: Budget: 20 NIS Phone Number QA Amount of surfers searche for the ad: 341 Likes for the post: 9 Clicks on the link: 1 We spent NIS 20 on BOOST POST and in return we receive nine likes and one ( one! ) visit to our site. It’s crazy. Now for comparison let’s look at a post where we did it right, and chose an ad with the right goal – “sending Facebook surfers to the business website”. We use the same budget of NIS 20 and this time we also chose the right target audience (we will expand on this immeiately.

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