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The impact of widgets on spee shifts in the display of content and understand what can be improve here. Duplicate pages, meta tags, content Sites with a large number of pages and content often experience duplicates. Some of the same pages, for example, with descriptions of the same tests, may appear in the search results. It is necessary to diagnose the site to determine if there are duplicate pages, duplicate meta tags. If such pages are found, canonical addresses to the main pages should be indicate. Duplicate meta tags are most common on navigation pages. Getting rid of them is quite simple – you nee to write a serial number in the title of each page Page. This will give the page a unique description. Broken links Broken links are another common problem.

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If when clicking on a link the user gets for example Kazakhstan Phone Number List to a page that. Has already been delete, or receives a 404 response, he remains disappointe. To solve the problem of broken links, you nee to check the site data in Yandex Webmaster and solve each case pointwise. When deleting or hiding pages, you nee to put reirects to the current version, write a phone number on the 404 error page so that the user can call the clinic in case of questions. Increasing the conversion of service pages Finally, we will give a few recommendations on how to increase the conversion of service pages on a meical site: It is necessary to understand what queries from the search and what pages the user gets to. For example, when searching for a clinic by location, a person is likely to end up on the main page of the site.

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Increasing the conversion of service pages. It is necessary to provide the user with what he is looking for in the most convenient form. For example, if a Phone Number QA patient goes to a referral page, it is important to show him detaile information, to give him the opportunity to make an appointment with a doctor online. Online registration should also be implemente on the doctor’s card page. Promotions work well to increase the conversion, information on how to prepare for an appointment, patient reviews, prices. Conclusion The article discusse the main points that should be considere when SEO-promotion of meical sites. At the same time, it is worth remembering that each site is individual, therefore.

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