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You can also add multithreading to make the system run faster. Why didn’t they use ready-made software? We studie different services, but did not find one that would work with all the necessary sites. As a rule, ready-made solutions provide access only to popular marketplaces such as Ozon and Wildberries. There was another reason to create our own algorithm. We neee to delegate to the robot not only checking the availability of goods, but also enabling/disabling advertising in Google Ads and Yandex Direct. And so far no ready-made program can do this. What results did you get? The robot acts incomparably faster than a human. It would take 2-3 days for an employee to check the availability of goods, and then stop or start advertising. That is, for this work it would be necessary to hire a separate specialist. The robot does everything in about 10 minutes.

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The use of such algorithms in all projects will Jordan Phone Number List allow agency employees. To replace routine tasks with more complex ones. For Panasonic, automating the process has become a guarantee that the budget is spent rationally. At the same time, choosing a custom solution instead of ready-made software saves about 150 thousand rubles a month. In addition, our partner receives daily information about the availability of products at all sites and promptly replenishes inventory – this helps the company sell more. The project was made by: Vikhrov Vadim , Panasonic Head of Digital Marketing & Content section (Digital Innovations department) Malyugin Vladimir , Digital Geeks CEO Zakrevskiy Igor , Digital Geeks Head of Automation. If you nee more life hacks about online promotion, subscribe to our Digital Geeks telegram channel.s goal is to make life easier for.

Jordan Phone Number List

A Quick Look At These Two Groups

From the posts you will learn for example how to build an effective SEO management system without diving into technical details, how to automate Phone Number QA promotion processes and help employees work faster. SEO promotion of meical sites: how to take into account all the requirements of search engines RookeeRookee 27 July 2022, at 16:16 Font:02065 Promotion of meical sites in the search has its own characteristics. What are the requirements of search engines for meical resources and how to work with service pages to increase conversion, says Sergey Sekenov, Rookee customer support manager. Search engines comprehensively consider each site – they evaluate its user-friendliness, uniqueness and usefulness of content, page loading spee, technical parameters, links and many other parameters. Base on this analysis, search engines rank resources – assign them certain positions in the search results.


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