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Google Sheets or checking personal accounts: they regularly receive information through the usual communication channel. But if necessary, they can follow the link and study all the indicators. The solution made it possible to create a common project environment for comfortable interaction between the parties on issues of payments and leads. Thanks to automation, the client sees what the budget is spent on and what results it gives, how much is on the balance sheet and when it nees to be replenishe. This helps to minimize the risks of accidental stoppages of advertising campaigns due to lack of money in your account. The project was made by: Malyugin Vladimir , Digital Geeks CEO Zakrevskiy Igor , Digital Geeks Head of Automation. If you nee more web promotion life hacks, subscribe to our Digital Geeks Telegram channel.

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Free webinar Monetization of foreign information portals Hungary Phone Number List SapeSape 16 August 2022, at 13:21 Font:01620 Many Russian webmasters make money from their traffic by adding advertising banners and videos to their sites. This is a proven and effective way to generate additional income, although it has its own pitfalls. Ads should be large enough to bring in noticeable money, but at the same time they should not annoy users too much and distract them from exploring the content of the site. For this way of earning to bear fruit, the webmaster is require to constantly experiment with different combinations of advertising formats and their placement. In this regard, it would be interesting to get acquainte with the experience of foreign colleagues and find out what principles they are guide by when monetizing sites, what techniques and methods they use.

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On August at on the Sape YouTube channel, watch the new release of the analysis of meia advertising placement on sites of different types. This time, the focus will be on the monetization of foreign Phone Number QA portals and analysis of the practices of foreign publishers. On the air , Sergey Samonin, CEO of the RTBSape programmtic platform, will analyze : The site of the largest British tabloid. Websites of American meia leaders. Portal suggeste by the viewer. Using practical examples, let’s look at exactly how site owners make money by placing display ads and how they strike a balance between increasing earnings and maintaining a positive user experience. We will also find out what nuances a publisher should pay attention to and how to increase income without too much risk.


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