They Adapt Perfectly to Different Screen Sizes Communication

What is the point of having everything prepared if your clients do not know it? A good email marketing campaign helps you stay in touch with your customers during these dates. Congratulate them on Christmas, create messages that evoke the Christmas spirit, show them your promotions or discounts, exclusive advantages… Email marketing will be one of your main allies! Example of email marketing for Christmas Screenshot taken from a Sephora newsletter.

Customers and Improve Conversions

Through this channel. Launch two newsletters with the same content and different subject, which one works better? Try changing your CTAs, images, or amount of text. Measure your Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number and apply the strategies that work best for you. By the way! Do not forget about social networks. They are also a very powerful communication channel to promote your business and gain visibility. And, if you want to reach many more people, a campaign on Facebook or Twitter will give you the boost you need.

Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number

If You Want to Be on Time

For one of the most important times of the year for any ecommerce, let me tell you that you are still on time. We summarize some of the fundamental points to have everything ready: Create promotions or special offers. Confirm the delivery date of your shipments. Pay attention to the design of your website. Give the mobile the importance it deserves. Email marketing and social networks as the main communication channel.he blackest Friday of the year is approaching…

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