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All buyers are assigne points depending on their activity. The higher the final score, the less chance of a repeat purchase. RFM analysis R (Recency) – the time elapse since the last purchase. For example, a user purchase a product yesterday, for which he receive 1 out of 5 Recency points. This is the highest score. Conversely, a user who made the last order a year ago is unlikely to return. For this he gets a rating of 5. F (Frequency) – the frequency of purchases over a period of time. In the case when the user made the first order, the Frequency indicator will be 5 out of 5. Bad, but quite improving. Does the person shop weekly? Frequency becomes 1, a good client with great prospects. M (Monetary) – money spent by the client for all time. Let’s say a person spent 50,000 after registration, and his average check at the same time is 12,500, his score can be 1 or 2 out of 5, depending on which boundaries you are segmenting.

Keyword Difficulty If The parent Topic Matches

RFM analysis allows you to find: users who buy Mexico Phone Number List frequently and spend large sums of money; buyers who make small orders on an ongoing basis; people who have not bought anything from you for a long time. In the future, work will be base on the principle: to maintain interest among the most active, motivate the middle peasants, and, if possible, improve the position of departe buyers. A correct assessment of users is possible only if all three parameters are taken into account. It would be a mistake to focus solely on the time that has passe since the last purchase, or on the total amount spent. Let’s give an example. User No. 1 bought goods for 70,000 rubles, subsequently he did not purchase anything for a year. User has never made major purchases, instead, he spends 5,000 rubles monthly on consumables throughout the year. The company’s income from this client is 60,000 rubles.

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The Keyword Itself It Is Usually A Long-tail

If you operate only with money, then you may get the impression that user No. 1 will be more profitable for business. After all, this person Phone Number QA brought 10,000 rubles. more. However, this is misleading. The best user for the company will be user number 2: he is use to cooperation, satisfie with the service, price, delivery, or all at once. For such a person, advertising is more likely to evoke the desire response and provoke a purchase. At the same time, spending an advertising budget on user is unlikely to pay off, because it took too long to place an order and is almost certainly not set up to re-engage. Do not forget that buyers can leave one segment and move to another. For example, user may start buying products regularly after a year-long break if they find that your online store prices have become noticeably lower than those of competitors.


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