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To mine PAA features, you ne to. Start with a se list of keywords. 2. Use SerpAPI to run your keywords through the API call you can see their demo interface below and try it yourself: 3. Export the “relat questions” features return in the API call and map them to overall topics using a spreadsheet: 4. Export the “relat search boxes” and map these to overall topics as well: 5. Look for consistent themes in the topics being return across relat questions and searches. 6. Add these overall themes to your preferr research tool to identify additional relat opportunities.

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For example we can see coffee health is a Lebanon Phone Number List consistent topic area, so you can add that as an overall theme to explore further through advanc search parameters and modifiers. 7. Add these as se terms to your preferr research tool to pull out relat queries, like using broad match offee health) and phrase match coffee health modifiers to return more relevant queries: This then gives you a set of additional “suggest queries” to broaden your search (e.g. coffee benefits) as well as relat keyword ideas you can explore further.

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This is also a great place to start for identifying Phone Number QA differences in search queries by location, like if you want to see different topics people are searching for in the UK vs. the US, then SerpAPI allows you to do that at a larger scale. If you’re looking to do this on a smaller scale, or without the ne to set up an API, you can also use this really handy tool from Candour – Also Ask – which pulls out the relat questions for a broad topic and allows you to save the data as a .csv or an image for quick review: Once you’ve identifi all of the topics people are searching for, you.

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