There are so many fitness bloggers, why is Liu Genghong so popular? Bolivia Phone Number

“Li Jiaqi called me Meimei, and Liu Genghong told me to persevere. One Bolivia Phone Number emptied my wallet and the other emptied my body.”

Recently, the combination of “people and wealth” has attracted girls who love to watch live broadcasts, especially Liu Genghong has become a phenomenal blogger in the live broadcast industry. The reason why it is popular all over the Internet is precisely because he and his wife broadcast fat-burning aerobics live on the Internet five days a week.

Now there are a large number of followers called “Liu Genghong girls”

who not only dance with the 49-year-old Liu Genghong, but also look forward to Liu Genghong’s “online assignments” for them.

Up to now, Liu Genghong’s Douyin fans have exceeded 1,000W, reaching 5 million Bolivia Phone Number followers in a week, and he has dominated social media such as Douyin, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu. On April 19, 2 million netizens poured into Liu Genghong’s live broadcast room to check in and dance. Even college students complained about Xiaohongshu, and in physical education classes, they watched Liu Genghong’s videos to practice exercises.

Liu Genghong is a star anchor of Wuyou Media. In December last year, he tried to do e-commerce live streaming on Douyin, but the effect was unsatisfactory.

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So, how did he get more than 10 million followers in more than 2 months?

1. The number of fans increased from 1 million to 10 million, just because Liu Genghong gave up bringing goods

Bolivia Phone Number
Bolivia Phone Number

“I was still doing e-commerce in January, and I started working out in February.” At the end of last year, Liu Genghong signed a contract with Wuyou Media, with about 1.35 million fans.

Like most celebrities, Wuyou’s initial plan for Liu Genghong was to replicate the company’s most successful “husband and wife” model.

As we all know, Wuyou has hatched the Douyin head anchor Big Wolf Dog and his wife, and the live broadcast brings goods every time they either break 100 million or rank in the top three.

According to Feigua statistics, from December 19th last year to February 17th this year, Liu Genghong and his wife delivered goods on live broadcast 9 times. The number of people online in the live broadcast room was several thousand person-times. It has been maintained at around 500,000.

On the other hand, the Great Wolf Dog couple created 320 million GMV with 18 live broadcasts during the 618 promotion last year.

The content of the big wolf dog couple’s fastest increase in fans at the beginning was the cool drama routine of changing from “working couple” carrying sacks to “rent collecting couple”.

In the passive voice, the actor and receiver are switched around. The receiver then becomes the grammatical subject. Note that the meaning of the sentence stays the same, the only difference is the word order.

Perhaps based on the status of stars, compared to the above “drama elite” CP, the characters of Liu Genghong and his wife are slightly dull. It can be seen from the previous short videos that it is either the daily life of couples or the daily life of raising children, and the number of likes on the video is basically thousands.

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