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Someone that lands on “The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Automation probably isn’t ready for a live demo just yet. Instead, guide that reader toward a less intimidating action, such as signing up for your email newsletter. A good CTA shouldn’t feel spammy or overly promotional, it should provide additional value to the reader overall. Following this process forces you to think beyond just traffic — you’re focusing on conversions before you even hit the publish button. Test, optimize, and repeat User experience (UX) is at the heart of both SEO and CRO.

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If your website is slow glitchy, and hard Switzerland Phone Number List to navigate, it’s going to negatively affect both traffic and conversions. The goal is to continuously refine your website to ensure that anyone who lands on it has a frictionless browsing experience — thereby increasing their likelihood to convert. This is why split testing is so important. Split testing, sometimes referred to as A/B testing, is the process of testing multiple variants of a web page to determine which one converts at a higher rate. This is a core practice among marketers who specialize in CRO.

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You can test different types of lead forms, CTA Phone Number QA buttons, copy variants, and even page layouts. Here’s an example of a split test between a single and multi-step lead form: Some SEOs may be hesitant to run split tests because they worry it will negatively affect organic rankings. The truth is that Google not only encourages testing, but it even has its own tool that helps marketers to run split tests. As long as you’re abiding by Google’s webmaster guidelines, you should see no major negative impact on organic traffic due to testing. It’s also worth noting that you can’t reach statistical significance in your split tests without a big enough sample size.

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