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Interlinking or on-page optimizations. Then you are on your way to build client trust and slide into an upsell opportunity.  Google Analytics events Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager can be us to show how your SEO and CRO strategies impact user behavior when they reach your website. You can ucate your customers about on-page SEO by tracking clicks on specific CTAs throughout individual pages. In recent months I’ve start working with several clients on CRO and content optimization projects. Not only are these great ways to help clients reach their goals, but they are also high-margin projects that can show immiate results.

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One of the metrics I focus on when I review Russia Phone Number List clients’ results is how people engage with their CTAs. This means that I have to connect Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to show that our optimizations push more website visitors to valuable pages like contact forms and sales pages. For example, I recently ran a small test for a client to show them that with some on-page SEO tweaks we could improve CTR for various posts and pages. I identifi a few pages that would show the best results, clos the project, and after a month of testing.

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I was able to include CTA clicks on different Phone Number QA pages that I optimiz. After a few months of on-page optimizations I can see a big improvement for CTR and lead generation on their site. Here is a quick screenshot of CTA clicks on the client’s site from the pages/posts I optimiz: This small test was a success and lead to ongoing monthly optimizations across their deep content library. As a result, I am able to show the impact our on-page optimizations make to their lead quality and bottomline. This is a perfect example of how we can use reports to build rapport.

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