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Term company liquidation See below for an example of queries the page is showing up for. Google Search Console Screenshot sharing queries the company liquidation guide is appearing for. Such as ‘members voluntary liquidation’, ‘liquidation of company’, ‘how long does liquidation take’ and more. The page also shows up for six feature snippets as a result of us implementing FAQ schema. Screenshot showing the company. Liquidation guide appearing in a feature snippet query for ‘process of liquidation’ 335 clicks and 93,663 impressions have come from the FAQ rich results alone.

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Screenshot of Google Search Console Bahamas Mobile Number List showing ‘FAQ Rich Results’ within the search appearance column In the six months before we update the guide, it pulle in around 650 clicks and 227K impressions. In the six months following, it brought in around 1,180 clicks and 382K impressions. We’ve practically double clicks on one single guide. As mentione, this particular piece of content has 36 backlinks, and actually ranks ABOVE the official UK government company liquidation guide, which has a domain authority of 93 (about 60 higher than ours). Clearly, we’re meeting the searcher’s intent and giving them what they are looking for. Screenshot of the SERP showing that Insolvency.

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Experts company liquidation guide appears above Phone Number MX official UK government advice. In the six month period before we starte work on liquidation, Insolvency Experts had an average click through rate of 0.5%. Over a six month period of us working with them, this more than doubld to 1.2%. Another success worth noting is that 3 out of 6 of our latest articles have an average page view duration of between 9 and 10 minutes! The other half are averaging around 5 to 6 minutes, which is still very good. Clearly, users are wanting in-depth information on this topic. The “What happens to a director of a company in.

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