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You can continue with the settings and data and also perform additional actions. What is the difference between Google Ads and Google Adsense? Google Ads is a system in which advertisers can invest advertising budgets and create advertising campaigns in order to promote and market your business throughout Google tools. For example, to promote the website or the e-commerce store in Google search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Gmail and also in the meia network that includes websites that display the ads. Google AdSense is a system in which owners of digital content such as a website, blog or YouTube channel can earn money by displaying the ads of advertisers on Google Ads who wish to reach people on the meia network or on YouTube.

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It is certainly possible to use these 2 tools at the Poland Phone Number List same time. For example, if you have a website, on the one hand you want to increase the amount of your users and on the other hand you want to earn money from displaying advertisements. As a general rule, Google does not agree to sites participating in advertising programs to promote a particular site or page, when they have ads on those pages. The prohibition is intende to prevent a situation of arbitrage exploitation (a situation in which the expenditure on acquiring users is less than the income from those users). What is the difference between Google AdSense, Google AdMove and Google Ad Manager.

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Google AdSense is an ad network base on Google Phone Number QA Ads, and is intende for a target audience that owns a website, blog or YouTube channel, in order to earn money from displaying advertisements. Google AdMob is another Google ad network and is mainly suitable for those. Who have a mobile application, to display ads within the application. Google Ad Manager (Google Ad Manager) is a system for managing ads and managing advertising networks and is intende for owners of websites with large volumes of entry. These sites can create advertising spaces that compete for advertisers found in several advertising networks such as AdSense, Google Ad Exchange.

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