The “anxiety” of short video manufacturers: Doujin Kuaishou has undergone Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number

In order to maintain the basic market of traffic, platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu and other platforms have started a dark poke contest again.

At the beginning of 2018, Douyin stirred up the Internet arena with short videos, and even shuffled the BAT pattern for a time. By 2022, the short video rivers and lakes seem to be reaching an inflection point, and the story begins to change again.

1. Douyin to the left, Kuaishou to the right

When short videos first entered the public eye, leisure and entertainment were their labels.

Google likes to show (and people like to find and share) high-quality content,

which is informative, nice to read, and easy to comprehend. As the example you’ve just read demonstrates, long sentences are more difficult to process. If a long sentence is followed by other long sentences, the reader

might fail to understand the meaning of a text completely. That’s not the experience you’d like to give to your visitors. Nor does Google!


This means that Douyin has a complete showdown, changing Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number from a pure short video APP to a frantic march towards commercialization. Correspondingly, Douyin moved the “mall” to the top Tab column on the recent internal beta version, replacing the previous “sweep” position.


Figure source “Yibang Power”

In early March, some users even found that the four functional navigation bars in the bottom bar of the Douyin APP became “Home”, “Mall”, “News”, “Me”, and “Mall” replaced the previous position of “Friends”

Image source “Future Consumption”

In some passive sentences, you can omit the actor.

Douyin is obviously looking for the best exposure entry for the “mall”, so as to provide its own commercialization. Lay the foundation of the road.


On the other hand, Kuaishou, who has been in love with Douyin and killed each other, has penetrated each other for a period of time in the past, and once lived like each other. However, when Douyin chose to fully sprint commercialization, Kuaishou returned to its own video content level.

Two years later, in the latest version of Kuaishou, the “Featured” function has been set back to the bottom navigation bar again, and the “Featured” page has become the first display page for users to

open Kuaishou. It will be moved to the “Home” page.

On the left is the old version of Kuaishou, and on the right is the new version of Kuaishou. The “Featured” function returns to the bottom navigation bar and occupies a separate content page, which means that Kuaishou is accelerating the expansion of public domain traffic and feeding more ordinary content creators with traffic.

Kuaishou tries to use content to leverage “trust e-commerce”, Douyin goes all out to “interest in e-commerce”, and they all have a bright future.

2. The overweight and retreat of short videos
Short videos are a sweet treat, and everyone wants to have a sip or two before the bonus disappears.

It seems that Xiaohongshu, which has already entered the market for short videos, recently launched a new product – Youqu Video. According to media reports, the main operating members of this new product also worked for ByteDance. In addition to “Xiaohongshu”, Xiaohongshu has made a complete short video APP.

Unlike Xiaohongshu, Youqu videos directly target middle-aged and elderly users.

Judging from the current version, the overall style of the APP is relatively simple. Circles, and tend to share skills, the “useful” attribute has been more obvious in “Friendly Video”.

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