The Third Level Domain Or Subdomain

The most common subdomain is undoubtedly www., But there are other popular subdomains that are often used. For example, to indicate different language versions of the same site, such as:

What does it mean to register a domain

Registering a domain means becoming the owner of that web address.

To do this, you will need to contact an ISP (Internet Service Provider), which is one of the companies that manage the online spaces and provide all the services to access them.

Some of the major domain providers are:

Google Domains

To register a domain you must choose a first and a second level and check their availability .

If available, just pay on the provider’s website, and that’s it

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How much does a website domain cost?

The cost of a domain depends on its availability and its rarity. The most popular names (generally those composed of one or two short words) can cost much more than the more particular and less frequent ones.

There are no defined prices for an internet domain, but we could identify an average price between 2 and 20 euros per year, also considering any discounts.

These figures obviously only apply to Bolivia Phone Numbers domains still available, to register which you can follow the simple procedure we talked about in the previous paragraph.

If you ever want to buy a domain that is already owned by someone else you can open a negotiation and try to agree on a price that suits both sides, but be prepared to pay more than you would pay for an already available one.

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With the same TLD, the cost of the domain varies according to the chosen extension

For example, you can register a domain name with Shopify with the .com extension for $ 14 per year.

How to verify a domain name

To verify a domain name you need to log in to the domain host , update settings using the verification tool, and configure billing to avoid account suspension.

Verifying domain ownership means making sure no one else is using your domain without your permission, and allows you to use external features related to your website.

How domains work on the Web

The Web3 is the third generation of the web, which works (or perhaps it is better to say it will work ) via blockchain, which guarantees users maximum freedom of use. And domains on blockchain are a fundamental and strategic tool for decentralizing the internet.

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