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You can set up a separate AC for regular customers and motivate them with promotions right in the search results. To learn more about what’s new in the Yandex advertising system in 2022, read our article “Yandex Advertising News 2022: What You Should Pay Attention to” . Setting up search retargeting in Yandex Before launching a campaign, it is very important to determine the audience segments you intend to target. To do this, use Yandex Metrica or use segments in Yandex Audiences. When you use Yandex.Metrica, set your goals for a variety of conversions first. These can be orders through the basket, using the “Buy in 1 click” button, sending an application through an online form, communicating in an online chat etc.

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We advise you not to start the RK imm eiately, but Russia Phone Number List to observe the data collection for 7–14 days. The data may simply not be there, in which case you ne e to find out the reason (incorrectly configur e goal or lack of conversions). It will take time to identify and fix the problem, which is why you should not launch the RC – you are not interest e in spending the budget during this period. Below we have given an example of charts from the “Conversions” section in Yandex Metrica for cases when the goals work fine and data is collect e on them. Yandex retargeting Please note that Yandex Audience is bas e on Yandex.Metrica, so in any case you will ne e to run counters for a successful campaign.

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If you want to get detail e information on how to do this we recommend reading our article “How to set up contextual advertising in Yandex Direct: checklist” . In this material, we have Phone Number QA describ e all the necessary steps, so you can use it as a guide. Second stage . Click on “Audience Selection” to enter search phrases and set up retargeting. Yandex retargeting Once you’ve enabl e all the phrases you want in the ‘Display Terms’ section, you can switch the tab and get an impression forecast and refine the words, if necessary. It is important to consider that you can use no more than 200 keywords. Yandex retargeting Then, in the “Retargeting and Audience Matching” section, you will ne e to select the “Search” tab in order to run the user return campaign.


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