Of 40 hours per week, I assume that only about 25 of those weekly hours are billable. the price Saudi Arabia Phone Number

The required 10 hours for a few months, but eventually your results Saudi Arabia Phone Number will wane and you’ll end up spending a lot more. Than 10 hours to get the results where they need to be. . Advertising continue reading below in my opinion. Advertising should offer a return of three times the effort and money spent on it, otherwise there is no reason. To do everything . This advertising includes seo. Cheap seo does not calculate I showed you the salaries. And talked about the time it takes to put together a quality program. If a person works a standard schedule. Of 40 hours per week, I assume that only about 25 of those weekly hours are billable.

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People need time to do administrative tasks, take breaks. Research trends – the list goes on. So the majority of those who aren’t willing to work. Until  their fingers bleed (which should be most of us) have around 100 Saudi Arabia Phone Number hours a month of actual. Work available to do seo on clients. . When you pay someone $500/month to work on your seo, you’re paying for their time. Whether it’s presented in a to-do list or a number of hours. Advertising continue reading below suppose. A living wage is around $30,000/year. To earn that much, after taxes, a person would have to have 10 projects. At $500 a month to get that $30,000 annual salary. With 10 projects and an average of 100 hours of work. Per month, you pay your seo an average of $15/hour to seo your site.

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Saudi Arabia Phone Number
Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Overhead such as computers. Or anyone else to check their work. The hourly rate begins to drop sharply once we add in the normal expenses of doing business. This salary level may be fine for an intern or someone outside of the united states, but again take a look at the. Salaries above for a minute. If you want someone with experience, you won’t get them for $14 an hour. At least not in the us sure, some people might work faster than others, but they sure make over $14 an. Hour if they’re good. Advertising continue reading below even though they cut deliverables time in half., they don’t do what they’re worth at $500 per month per customer.

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