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Know how you get on with it! About Dave Westby  Dave is a Senior Data & Insights Consultant with Aira.Did Q1 and Q2 whip past you? They did for me, but the pace of life often seems to slow down a little in autumn, and I hope you’ll join me for a relaxe and studious look at interesting local search marketing developments from the third quarter of 2022. 1) A small harvest of review-relate changes Google has update its content guidelines to forbid incentivizing the removal of negative reviews I’m grouping four different review-relate developments under this heading. First, Joy Hawkins spotte a change to Google’s guidelines on prohibite and restrictd content.

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As covere here exhaustively in my Moz Denmark Phone Number List column, there are lots of things a business can do to rectify a complaint in hopes of seeing an unhappy customer update their negative review to reflect an improve experience, but outright incentivization of negative review removal has now been declare out-of-bounds by Google. Second and rather relate, Greg Gifford capture a good stat from Aaron Weiche’s LocalU presentation that I’d not heard before: over ⅓ of negative experiences reference in reviews mention communication problems. This means that you not only nee to have your local business listings up-to-snuff with ongoing management of the accuracy of your contact info, but that all of your communications technologies (texting, live chat, phone, etc.) must be responsive.

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Thirdly Barry Schwartz spotte early testing of Phone Number QA a Find Places Through Reviews feature in July, but as of September, I have still not been able to replicate this interesting result, which is a further indication of Google’s continuous experimentation in the review space. Finally, another tip from the inimitable Hawkins as tweete by Brandon Schmidt: longer reviews tend to remain higher up in your Google review corpus for a longer time. The problem with this is that lengthier reviews are commonly negative, with unhappy customers taking the time to wax poetic about their complaints. Take some time to consider whether you can finesse your review requests so that your delighte.

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