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Make a decision as to whether it’s a good fit for your audience. So be sure to do that. Direct ask Then Skylar did a good job by saying. It’s the very first day of October,” which it was at the time, “and your readers are gearing up for Halloween. So she’s tying it back to the relevancy of the project to their readers, which is what you always have to think about. The writer only cares about whether something is going to resonate with their readership. That means that they’re doing a good job. So she kind of ties that up. “Any interest in sharing this exclusive study with the publication.

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So I highlight here a direct ask. So come out Kenya Phone Number List and say like. So do you want to cover this?” In this case, we were pitching it as an exclusive, meaning nobody else hadn’t cover it yet, which makes it a little more appealing. You’re saying, “You’re going to be the first ones to talk about this study.” You can say it’s exclusive, and you can highlight that in the email as well. But even if you’re not doing that, if you’re pitching it to a bunch of people or somebody has already cover it and you’re still pitching it, just make sure you directly ask.

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Are you interest in covering this?” Don’t assume that they even Phone Number QA know how to respond. So those are the four main components of a pitch email. Conclusion Now there’s a lot that goes into making this work. This is just one piece of a greater puzzle. Your content has to be fantastic, because, as I say, no fantastic pitch can salvage a terrible project. You just can’t pitch your way out of it. But also you ne to be targeting the right people. So sometimes.

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