The New Bing App for Little Explorers

In the first place. A long car journey or a rainy afternoon. Will no longer be a reason for boredom for your children, and an .Opportunity for mobile fun. With the bing app: watch, play and learn . Bing: watch, play and learn mobile app the new kid-safe and ad-free mobile app bing: watch, play and learn is now available for download. On the app store and google play. Bing is a character loved by children in the educational. In the first place. Animated series “Bing”. He is three years old, a nice and curious toddler. He really likes to learn new things, tries to understand the world around him, and what he experiences reflects the real problems. Of preschoolers. The adventures of bing and his .Friends teach children how to react in specific situations and how to deal with emotions.

About the Series “Bing From Great Britain to Poland

In the first place. Until now, children could meet. Him in episodes of the popular tv series and on youtube. Now they can always have it with them in the form of a safe mobile application designed. With their development in mind. A safe place for children to play in the bing: watch, play and learn application , you can not only watch as many as 78 episodes. Of the series, but also Cambodia Phone Number List play games, solve puzzles or .Color pictures. Everything designed to develop children’s creativity, imagination and fine. In the first place. Motor skills. It is a form of entertainment that will. Make your time more pleasant during a long journey, during a rainy. Afternoon or when your legs hurt after holiday walks. In the first place. It can be used not only online but also offline, which is why it will be perfect on a train or car. In the first place. The application contains only content that is safe for .Children and is free of advertising.

A Safe Place for Children to Play

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In the first place. The intuitive interface is adapted .To the needs and abilities of young children. The basic, free version of the bing: watch, play and learn app includes the top three episodes chosen. By fans on the bing facebook profile and free Phone Number QA educational games. The full, paid version of the application (annual fee – pln 21.99 or monthly fee – pln 8.99) include.S over 80 movies and 20 various games .Of varying difficulty and complexity. In the first place. The application will be successively enriched with new content and expanded. About the series. In the first place. “Bing” – from great britain to poland the bing series has been produced in the uk since. 2014, based on ted dewan’s books titled bing bunny . In the first place. Bing’s adventures are eagerly watched both on television and on the internet. In the first place. The series was nominated for major film. And television awards, such as bafta and emmy.

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