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This column helps you get information about users who will mention you in a certain post or response. Mention is made by adding a curly brace. Followers – a column that shows your new followers in the last period. Scheules – a column that shows you your scheule posts in the future. Activity log – a column that includes updates for comments, likes, follow-ups and more, of your user or of those you follow. How to open a Twitter account? To get starte, you nee to create a free Tweetdeck account here: . After that you have to click on connecting with Twitter and that’s it. When you are in your account, you can add all the columns written earlier by clicking on “Add column” in the side menu. Publishing or scheuling posts One of the great advantages of this tool is the possibility to publish posts or create pre-scheule posts.

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This helps you publish the posts at the most Vietnam Phone Number List appropriate times to reach more user exposures. To publish or scheule a post, click on the “Tweet” button, select the account (if there are several), write the tweet, add meia and then determine when it will be publishe. Advance Search Advance search is an excellent tool that allows you to get the relevant information for you. You can conduct a complex search that suits your requirements or desires, thus filtering less relevant information. It is possible to use with the Ashtamim, user mentions, stock searches, use of advance filters and more. To get starte, select the search field below the Twitter button on the side, enter text, and then a column will be create that can be eite. Manage multiple Twitter accounts Twitdeck allows you to manage several Twitter accounts at the same time in one system.

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In fact, the login is for one Twitter account and it is the linke Phone Number QA account of the Tweetdeck account. However, you can add under the Twitter account you have connecte to, another important one. To do this, click on “Accounts” in the side menu and then choose a link to another account that you manage. With such a click, a Twitter window will open and there you nee to enter the login details. The account will then be adde to the list found in the “Accounts” menu. Team management Similar to managing several accounts, you can also create teams, in order to allow another user to manage your account. For example if you work with a marketing or digital meia management company. Then you can grant them access to the account without the nee for a password.

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