The Interactive Globe of the Earth Will Take You to Prehistoric Times

On this interactive map of the earth .You can track the location of your hometown .Up to 750 million years ago! Have you. Ever wondered what the area around your hometown looked. Like during the cretaceous period when. Tyrannosaurus rex was peacefully. Grazing? And what was there even earlier, when earth had only one. Supercontinent? Now you can find out with .An interactive globe developed. By software engineer ian webster. It allows you to see, among other things, where in the distant past (hundreds. Of millions of years ago) any. City or famous monuments on earth were located. The map also gives an. Overview of what fossils are found in each. Region and when .The different life forms emerged.

On This Interactive Map of the Earth You Can Track the Location

If you type in the name. Of your hometown or any other city, the map can pinpoint its location on the planet .At a given epoch – it ranges back as far as 750 million years. (or about 150 million years before the. Advent of multicellular life). For example, new york was part of the rodinia supercontinent 750 million .Years ago. Webster’s interactive. Prehistoric Albania Phone Number List map is based on the work of geologist and palaeogeographer. Christopher scotese, who in 1998 created his own timeline map of. How plate tectonics have changed. Throughout earth’s history. The continents of the planet are constantly moving. Because of these 15 to 20 plates, which in turn lie on the earth’s. Mantle, a layer above the core.

Your Hometown Up to 750 Million Years Ago

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The heat inside the core .Causes these plates to slide, sometimes towards each other and sometimes. Away from each other. As a result, today’s continents look very different .Than they did several hundred million years ago. Not all places. On the planet as it is today. Appear in webster’s map in the distant past, because. The geological formations they rest Phone Number QA on may not yet hav.E developed or emerged. Seattle, washington, for example, partially rests on the modern .Juan de fuca tectonic plate, which originated from. Formations that appeared about 250 million years ago. Therefore, the city can only be tracked from about.240 million years ago, when seattle. Was part of pangaea (see image below.

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