5x the impact of personalization on B2B websites

Search engines, social media and e-commerce websites are all personalized to a greater or lesser extent. It is not only there that personalization plays an important role. Personalization is also being used more widely in the online B2B world. Emails, marketing automation, advertisements, it uses (to a greater or lesser extent) a form of personalization.

Supermarket Employee Recognizes

Personalization is not a new concept. Think about the pub you frequent, the gym or your supermarket. The cafe employee often already knows what you’re drinking and greets you VP Security Email Lists by name when you walk in, the gym owner knows you’re open for a chat and nine times out of ten comes to work out on Thursday mornings. The supermarket employee recognizes you, sees that you are looking for a specific item and helps you on your way. The point is, personalization is so common in the offline world that you don’t really notice it anymore. However, it does play a role in your loyalty towards that one bar, gym or supermarket.

 VP of Security Email Lists

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said in an interview 20 years ago :

The online world gives companies the opportunity to build relationships with customers. By identifying and observing you have the knowledge to personalize the experience. When you can do that, customers will feel loyalty to the organization. That keeps them coming back.

The old offline principle, only applied online.

In this article I will discuss the impact of website personalization for B2B organizations. Why? This form of personalization is becoming increasingly popular and has many advantages , but is not yet widely used by organizations. That is a shame, especially because as a B2B organization you leave a lot behind if you do not personalize the website.

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What is website personalization?

Before I delve into the benefits and metrics of website personalization, it’s important to define the term. I assume the following definition: website personalization is the process of creating unique, customized experiences for visitors to a website. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, website personalization enables companies to offer visitors a unique experience based on their characteristics, needs and wishes.

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