The Impact of Website Personalization for B2b Organizations

According to a study by Hubspot , personalizing calls-to-actions has a major impact on the number of actions that are performed on those calls-to-actions. The survey includes more than 93,000 calls-to-actions over a 12-month period. The result: personalized calls-to-actions have a 42 percent higher view to conversion rate . In other words: is the call-to-action personalized? Then this results in 42 percent more submissions than with non-personalized calls-to-actions. In a previous article on this platform I describe examples of B2B website personalization where the personalized call-to-action also comes to the fore.

Is the call-to-action personalized? Then this ensures 42% more submissions than non-personalized calls-to-actions.

Higher Conversion Rates

One of the most important advantages is the increase in the VP Safety Email Lists number of conversions and therefore the conversion rate. 93 percent of organizations that use website personalization see an increase in conversion rate. This research by Econsultancy takes a closer look at it. So companies that have not yet started with some form of website personalization are leaving quite a bit behind. Especially because more and more prospects expect it. Gartner states that organizations that use personalization in digital commerce expect 16 percent more impact on commercial results than organizations that don’t.

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Up to 20% more sales opportunities through personalized content

You read that right: 20 percent more sales opportunities. This research from DemandGen shows that leads fed with targeted content lead to 20 percent more sales opportunities. Website personalization not only ensures that you as an organization show that you understand the prospect, it also influences the extent to which content is actually read. This contributes to qualifying sales opportunities. Personalizing the website is part of generating more sales opportunities. An interaction between personal e-mails, offline contact and personalized website content can therefore have a significant impact.

A study by research firm ITSMA shows that B2B buyers find personalization based on industry especially important. This means that decision makers like to see references, content and images that are shown based on the industry. In second place comes website personalization focused on the company itself.

Less important is the geographic location and size of an organization. In addition, 68 percent of respondents say it is important for solution providers to proactively make recommendations for improvements for their organization.

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