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A visual match, but this one is particularly good. When you’re thinking about the composition of your images. So if you have a lot of footfall, if you have a lot of interaction with customers where they are reviewing your content. Where they are visiting your establishment, and they’re creating a lot of user-generatecontent. Then think about how you can create images and add images to your website that. Satisfy the visual match queries that users might be making. And I think there are some great opportunities across visual search in the next few years. Google has been investing in this quite a lot.

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I think that this is an opportunity for Jamaica Phone Number List businesses of all sizes, and I hope to see more people getting involv with visual search optimizations.After three years and two virtual conferences, we gather some of our best friends in the industry for the biggest SEO party of the year in Seattle — MozCon 2022. It felt great to be back in-person at camp MozCon, gathering insights and and watching tactical presentations from industry leaders, not to mention the opportunity to connect and network with fellow attendees! And we’re happy to share that if you missed the conference live, the MozCon 2022 video bundle is now available for your viewing pleasure! For 99, you’ll gain access to every presentation and speaker deck to watch as many times as you’d like.

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