The Iconic Pubg Mobile Game in a Completely New Version

September 8, 2020, the mobile game. Pubg mobile has officially entered a new. Era (“New era”) with the update. To version 1.0. On the agenda: a complete overhaul of the flagship. Erangel map and tweaked graphics, including. Better textures and effects. Version 1.0 will update. This battle royale hit. Read on for details! Get ready to jump – new erangel will debut. On september 8. A whole new. World the erangel map has been a hallmark of pubg. Mobile from the beginning . But on september 8, you will get to know her again. See new erangel. The powerful mylta power plant is even more impressive. Than before. All known locations, from the sosnovka military base. To the mansion, have been. Refreshed.

You Either Move or You Lose

The mylta power plant looks. Different now, and there are seven new. Warehouses in georgopol. Visit familiar areas. And you’ll find that new erangel is more tactically. Challenging than its predecessor. New barricades, trenches and destroyed tanks provide. Additional cover and more Japan Phone Number List options when planning your strategy. Some buildings now contain. Hidden basements. Containers in georgopol are .Loaded with the necessary equipment. New look new erangel is an. Opportunity to show off pubg mobile. ‘s refreshed graphics . Smoke, explosions. And particle effects make the action even more spectacular.

A Whole New World

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Buildings and lawns have more. Realistic textures, character models have received new shading and animations, and bodies of water really shine thanks to the. Improved lighting system. Pubg mobile – new era – new tech what’s in the water? Fantastic. New reflection effects! Even the Phone Number QA waiting room. Has been changed. In the new menu you will find a place where you can admire. The appearance and the best. Equipment of your character. Not bad! You don’t even know what else you’ll see .In version 1.0. Last chance to win when new erangel launched. On september 8, the classic erangel map disappeared. This is the perfect time .To try to shoot something else on it.

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