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Most marketing platforms have tools available that can measure conversion lifts. You can do this, for example, in Google Ads, Facebook or DV360. These methods often use ghost bids . Bids that aren’t actually placed, but that do track how many conversions are measured. The ad will then not be displayed. This way you can measure exactly how many customers were converted without an ad. The difference between these two groups is the conversion uplift. The value of these conversions is the incremental value.

The end of conversion lift studies?

Essential for doing conversion lift testing is being able to measure conversions of the two groups:

  1. Your test group (users who have seen your ad), and
  2. your control group (users who haven’t seen your ad).

But with the developments of the cookie-free world , it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketing platforms to track users including data. For example, iOS 14.5 has made it impossible to Marketing Directors Email Lists do conversion lift studies for advertisers on Facebook. We’re not sure what the future holds for the rest of the marketing channels. However, it is certain that the disappearance of third-party cookies jeopardizes the correct measurement of conversion lift studies.

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Testing incremental value yourself with Geo-Experiments

You can also do a conversion lift without the tooling of marketing channels, even without cookies. An alternative is testing by regions. This is called a geo-experiment. A geo-experiment is basically simple. You pick 2 very similar regions and assign them both a group. In your test region, you show users an ad, but not in your control region. You make a prediction in advance how many conversions both groups should get, and how much you should get extra from the marketing activity. The difference in the data of the regions is your incremental value.

Although the results of this method are not as accurate as those of a conversion lift of the marketing channels themselves, geo-experiments are future-proof as they do not use data at the user level. A nice alternative for the future.

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