The future F-35 fighter jets is fully prepar

The formation of 64 F-16V fighter jets on November 19 not only strengthen. The capability of the ROC Air Force to deal with the harassment of Taiwan by common aircraft. But  also serve as a The reception of .The future F-35 fighter Paraguay Phone Number jets is fully prepar. Includ the 64 F-16s of the Fourth Wing of Chiayi Air Force Base. A total of 141 original F-16A/B fighters of. The ROC Air Force upgrad to F-16Vs. The Fifth Wing at Hualien Air Force Base is expect to complete the F-16 performance upgrade by 2023. Taiwan  a long history of fighting for F-16C/D fighter jets.

 Taiwan independence line of the DPP government

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Rejected the Chen Shui-bian government. proposal. After Ma Ying-jeou took office. President Barrack Obama was unwill to stimulate the .But he did not  the air superiority over. The Taiwan Strait to be tilt to the other side. So he made the decision to upgrade the 146 F-16A/B fighter jets currently. In service by the ROC Air Force. This is the origin of the “Fengzhan Project” of the ROC Air Force. However, in the past 10 years, a total of six F-16A/Bs have been damaged during combat readiness missions in Taiwan or training missions in the United States, and only 141 aircraft have been successfully upgraded to V-shaped. However, readers should not be nervous. The fight for new fighter jets did not end after President Tsai Ing-wen came to power, but made new progress. 66 brand new F-16V fighter jets, confirmed by President Donald Trump on August 18, 2019.

 Air Force of the Republic of China

will establish a new seventh tactical fighter wing at the Zhihang Base in Taitung. By then, Taiwan will have 207 F-16s. In fact, according to the observations of international military researchers, the strength of the Air Force of the Republic of China is now the 15th in the world, which is already very powerful in terms of Taiwan’s land area and population. Although it is still far inferior in quality to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, which has thousands of aircraft, it still has a certain degree of deterrence ability. The F-16 will not only become the single aircraft type with the largest number of the ROC Air Force, but the ROC Air Force will also become the powerhouse with the world’s largest F-16V fleet because of its 207 F-16Vs. Since receiving the first F-16 in 1997, the F-16 has been in service in Taiwan for more than 20 years and has long been the most familiar aircraft for domestic aviation fans. However. The F-16 an aircraft ask about in 197 came to Taiwan and the process not as smooth as we imagin.

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