The essence of 13 speeches and interviews, see Zhang Yiming’s entrepreneurial experience (below)

Zhang Yiming is an entrepreneur I respect very much. I believe I can learn a lot of entrepreneurial thinking and life insights from his speeches and The essence of interviews. Last week’s article mainly summarized Zhang Yiming’s entrepreneurial experience from the two aspects of [mentality] and [management], including his advice to young people and his “unique secrets” for managing talents.

This article will then summarize and discuss the four aspects of [wealth], [competition], [opportunity], and [product] that were not mentioned in the last time. If you are interest in the previous content, you can go to my Check out the homepage.

Wealth – financing/money concept

In the eyes of most people who have not yet succeeded, the so-called success is to make a lot of money. When they see others succeed in starting a business, they naturally think that starting a business is to make a lot of money. In fact, the Afghanistan Phone Number essence of entrepreneurship is to solve problems, but the first thing most people think of is to solve their own poverty.

For Zhang Yiming, the biggest role of wealth is: “The opportunity will give you more ability and influence to accomplish something you want to try and accomplish.” So, what about the entrepreneurial process? to get money? Are there any good financing tips? Zhang Yiming thinks so.

After completing the C round of financing, Zhang Yiming said: “I didn’t do PPT at the beginning, I didn’t participate in roadshows very much, and they didn’t ask how much money they made in three or five years. What they care more about is how big you can do this thing and whether you can internationalize. What is your team missing?”

Competition – copyright turmoil / facing giants

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Looking back at the development history of Toutiao today, the hottest topic is naturally the “copyright disturbance” that year, which is also something Zhang Yiming is often asked in interviews. New media and traditional media win-win: “It is not a competitive relationship, but a complementary relationship, completing the Internetization of traditional media and new media.”

Regarding copyright disputes: “Respect the voice of the industry, and hope to achieve the best possible ecology and compliance. We find that every time a new technology comes out, there will be a process of disputes, and later industry norms will gradually be form.”

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