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Inquiries or complaints – it is possible to provide a service for submitting a complaint or a certain request to handle it. Instead of a service hotline for complaints or public inquiries. Intra-organizational communication – WhatsApp can be use as a communication tool within your organization or business. For example to create teams or hand over tasks to employees or even suppliers or sub-suppliers. Receiving job candidates – a wonderful way to receive inquiries from people who are intereste in working in your business by WhatsApp. They can send their resume and other details like job number. You can pass it on for further action. Additional cases – here are some more designate cases. In the business of a canteen or restaurant: reserve a table in advance. In the delivery business: receiving updates on arrival times and more.

You Can Send As Many Updates As You

In the business of visiting or receiving an audience: order in Morocco Phone Number List advance by turn. Aviation, insurance and trade business: receiving status of application, etc. and more… WhatsApp business tools So what tools does WhatsApp provide that allow you to promote your business goals? WhatsApp Business business account – you can create a business profile of your business in order to show customers that it is a phone number associate with your business. There you can display your contact details and send messages or receive calls. WhatsApp store – you can create a store to sell products using a deicate WhatsApp catalog . This is how you can sell your products. Link to WhatsApp – you can create a deicate link so that users can contact you without having to save the phone in contacts.

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You can use Netolink’s WhatsApp link generator tool . Automation and Phone Number QA ease of work – you can create automatic messages that will be sent to customers when they contact you, pre-prepare messages for sending, and more. This helps you save time and get information you want to receive while directing the user. WhatsApp Business API – it is possible to interface with external systems such as a customer management system, systems for making payments or orders, systems for creating automatic calls with centers and more.

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