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I you had somebody who was sitting on the bicycle or standing next to the bicycle and they were taking up most of the image, Google would think that that picture was more about that person than it was about the bicycle. So think about where the primary focus is in your image in order to optimize for visual search. You also want to think about contrast, just making sure that it’s very clear what the focus of the image is and so thatyou’ve got whatever is the focus of your image very clear and easy to decipher and not too busy if you ne it to be about a single thing.

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So these different elements are things that Ivory Coast Phone Number List you should consider when you’re optimizing your images for a visual search, particularly for Google Lens, and as users carry out a visual search. Visual search results So, for instance, if you use Google Lens and you take a picture of a butterfly or a caterpillar or a flower or a chocolate donut, you’re going to get lots of different types of results. Image pack So, first of all, you may very well get an image pack result, and this will include some of the information that we were talking about before. So the difference between visual search and image search SEO is that in an image search SEO, like when you go to the Image tab within Google.

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Elements Are Positioned Within An Image

You can enter the word “chocolate donut.” But let’s Phone Number MX say you didn’t know what a chocolate donut was, or let’s say it was a different language and you didn’t know the local word for chocolate donut. So what would happen is that the user would make the search of the chocolate donut, and Google would use its tools, like Vision AI, for instance, to understand that that’s a chocolate donut, and then they would look through their images to understand which ones had text cues that were talking about chocolate donuts and that sort of thing. So that would return.

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