The application of user portrait in actual risk control Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List

There are actually a lot of introductions to this problem on the internet. But everyone uses different scenarios. So the definition and usage of portraits are also different. Therefore To put it simply: a portrait is a person’s wiki encyclopedia . Therefore In this encyclopedia. The user’s origin. Identity introduction. What they have done. Achievements in certain business scenarios. Or more “Famous” things are introduced. However. The complicated text is too expensive to read and understand for the platform or operation. Therefore So on the basis of the encyclopedia. The tags are refined. So the user tag system appears. Therefore At present. Most of the user portraits seen on the market are actually user tag libraries.



Mining of user groups

The degree of construction of the Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List user tag library represents the platform’s awareness of users. In risk control scenarios. Platforms are often constructed through the following dimensions: 1. Basic dimensions This dimension is relatively large. Including the user’s identity sub-dimension. Therefore Device sub-dimension. Payment sub-dimension. Mobile phone number sub-dimension. Etc.. And construct labels under these sub-dimensions; Identity sub-dimensions: age. Gender. Region. Name. Real-name records. Therefore Diffusion associations. Etc.; Payment sub-dimensions: channels. Payment methods. Diffusion associations. Etc.; Sub-dimension of mobile phone number: whether it is a small number. Therefore Whether it is a phone number. Whether it is a secondary number. Risk level.


Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List

Difficulties in building portraits

Diffusion correlation. Etc.; Device Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List sub-dimensions: virtual devices. Device root. Therefore Device tampering. Common devices. Etc. Diffusion association generally refers to taking this dimension as the main body. Above all And based on the relationship graph. Viewing the degree of surrounding association of the subject. Such as the number of associated devices. The number of associated accounts. The number of associated payment accounts. And the number of associated orders. 2. Above all Behavioral dimension It is mainly based on the user’s buried point data and request data in the app to formulate the user’s behavioral trajectory. Therefore And based on the behavioral trajectory. The user’s risk label is refined. Switching frequency: device switching frequency in the past n days.

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