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Sprinkle throughout the content. There’s no magic number of times you can stick. Akeyword in your copy so that it ranks for that term. Instead, instruct your writers to focus on answering the intent of the searcher’s question comprehensively. Don’t try to jam keywords into articles that weren’t intended for search. Discovery Organic search is not the only channel for content discovery. As someone coming from an SEO background, this took me a while to learn. That means adding search content to your content calendar, not trying to cram keywords into everything on the calendar.

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While it’s important to get the on-page SEO Austria Phone Number List basics right (title tag. Deading tags, links, etc.) for every piece, not every piece lends itself well to organic search discovery. For example, if we only created content based on keywords that a tool told us gets searched a certain number of times per month, we’d never write about new concepts. It takes a lot of thought leadership off the table, as well as things like case studies and interview/feature story pieces. Organic search is powerful, but it’s not everything. Tips for getting your content team bought in.

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Even the best content briefs won’t make an impact if Phone Number QA your content team refuses to use them — and I’ve heard of plenty of situations where that happens. As an SEO, it can be mind-boggling that your content team doesn’t want to use this: “Don’t you want traffic?!” But as someone who leads a content team, I understand why they’re often rejected. Thankfully, in many cases, this can be avoided by taking the following actions. Involve them in the planning process No one likes to be micromanaged, and thorough content briefs can sometimes feel like micromanaging. One great way to avoid this is by bringing them along for the process. Make content briefs a joint.

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