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For more details or to scheule a personal meeting, we invite you to contact us today and together we will set goals and meet them in the best possible way! What is online reputation management ? And why should you do it with a professional company ? Have you come across negative mentions of you online – what should you do ? The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information and this has many advantages , but on the other hand, the disadvantages cannot be ignore either . In the absence of legislation on the subject , there is no obstacle to people uploading offensive information about others online and even doing so anonymously and without the nee to identify themselves.

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The result is inevitable : over 40% of the search results Germany Phone Number List contain negative information such as judgments , involvement in lawsuits ( sometimes even as witnesses on behalf of one of the parties ), unflattering articles , public slander , negative reviews, etc. , all of which can significantly damage their positive reputation and image of private individuals , businesses , companies or organizations . This is particularly evident when searching for surfers , who wish to request information on the subject and are expose to a barrage of negative publications that can determine their first impression , prevent their interaction with you – and from there there is no way back.

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On what principles is reputation management base ? Studies in the Phone Number QA field prove that the majority of offensive information is concentrate in places such as portals , news sites , blogs , opinion sites, and the like . When managing reputation we also rely on the behavior of the surfers and their tendency to focus only on the first page of the search results . [contact-form-7 404 “not found”] A professional company with experience in the field has all the knowlege require to push these mentions and their appearance at the top of the search results , with the help of kosher and legitimate means and while relying on research-base professional knowlege.

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