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Can make 10 free queries a month or upgrade to a paid account for more robust keyword research. Other free options include Google’s Ads Keyword Planner and the unpaid version of Answer the Public. Document your findings so that you have creat a list of questions around which you can base content publication. Take a peek at Google Trends Google Trends will show. You interest in topics across time relat to EV charging stations. And you can even see this broken out by regions of a country to help you localize your marketing.

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My glance at this data shows that interest in Chile Phone Number List this subject took a hit when the COVID-19 pandemic emerg but is now steadily rising again. Glean further insights from this tool for topics you should be covering. 5. Analyze the competition If you have a Moz Pro account, you can use Moz’s On-Page Grader feature not just to look at pages on your own website to see how to improve their optimization, but also to analyze what your competition is getting right and wrong. If you can find weaknesses in the strategy of a tough competitor, you can go one better with the actionable optimization tips On-Page Grader provides.

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Look carefully at what your competitors are Phone Number QA writing about on their websites and social accounts. If they’re covering a topic your keyword research hasn’t surfac, note it down. 6. Get writing! Now, take the list of questions and keyword phrases you’ve discover, group them by topics, and begin creating pages for them on your website, or posts on the brand’s blog, providing answers. Some pages may be short, and others may be long — the rule of thumb is simply to cover each question thoroughly. You may find that some topics are best answer via other mia, like short videos.

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