That Schools Are Not Prepared for the Return of Remote Learning

According to the latest study by. Clickmeeting, a polish tool for webinars, only 37 .Percent. Of respondents want this .Model of acquiring knowledge to come back. Should remote learning come back? After six months, full-time learning returned. As much .As 48 percent he claims that he should not. Return at all or partially. On the other hand, only 14 percent.Says schools are ready to return. To remote learning. This result shows that teachers, children and parents were. Not ready for such a revolution. And their support is needed. Universities or training companies successfully implemented partial .Education through webinars a few years ago.

Polka Platformer Click meeting Przeżywa Webinar owe Oblężenie

What is success? Remote. Learning was undoubtedly a great challenge. For teachers, students and their. Parents, which was confirmed. By as many as 74 percent. Surveyed. This was mainly due to the fact that online .Education had never been used. On such a large scale in New Zealand Mobile Number List poland. Before, and there was very little time. For its implementation. Only 20% of the .Respondents did not find it difficult. A hybrid model combination. Of stationary and distance learning with. The use of webinars, would be .Helpful here. For 44 percent respondents, such a solution would. Work best in the current situation. Interestingly, only 5% believes that only. A remote solution works better.

Want This Model of Acquiring Knowledge to Come Back

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This would also help. Solve the fact that for 60% of people, distance learning is .Much less effective than stationary. Education and only 13 percent. Says the opposite. It is worth noting that as. Much as 36% of of all webinars that take place on the clickmeeting. Platform are about Phone Number QA education or training. That is why the company .Runs projects that help in. Learning through webinars. It has. Created a special place – the clickmeeting academy – where everyone can learn about all the. Functionalities of the tool and solve their doubts, for example, it creates special guides on this topic. Users are also provided with continuous customer. Service support, thanks to which they can. Easily receive specialist support in this area.

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