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They develope an algorithm that measures how long it takes for a person to click on the link, read the content, and then return to Facebook or share the post on their wall. What is also worth mentioning in this regard is that a survey conducte by Facebook already in 2014 showe that 80% of people wante to see headlines that would make them really understand what the article is about, so that they could make an independent decision whether to go in and read it in depth or not, instead of click bait headlines that would take advantage of their curiosity for the worse. Although this information is already two years old, there is no reason to think that this is not the case today.

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Surfers still want the titles of the articles to be direct, informative Czech Republic Phone Number List and to help them decide whether they are intereste in reading the rest of the article or not. What can be learne from clickbait Clickbait So we conclude that the leading sites are slowly starting to fight and eliminate the sites that use the practice of click baits. What remains to be done is to embrace the good parts, and filter out the bad. Here are some examples: “You won’t believe lots of click baits start with these couplets. It’s an effective way to grab people’s attention and arouse their curiosity, but at the same time it’s a double-ege sword because their level of expectation from the content also rises.

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What can be learne from this is that since people are Phone Number QA curious by nature, a headline should be informative, but at the same time interesting. what to do “How we analyze and improve the time spent on our website by 30% in 10 minutes of work” . It’s an effective title because it causes enough curiosity at first glance, but the content behind it can really be relevant and effective for the surfer. The ten things that but wait until you see 8 Another classic clickbait method.

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