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We’re not using different words in different places to mean the same thing. It’s even more important for people with assistive technology. 3. Interstitials Photo of hand drawn page with an Interstitials, nobody likes those pop-ups in our face, that don’t allow us to browse the rest of the website. Google doesn’t love them either. But especially people with assistive technology, if we’re not treating those pop-ups in the right way, we’re going to end up in a scenario where users may be in a keyboard trap and they can’t get out of the interstitial, or they don’t understand that an interstitial is even put up on the page.

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So it’s important to be very mindful when Argentina Phone Number List using interstitials. Robust Last but not least is robust. How do we make sure that the content we’re putting on the page is compatible for a large variety of devices and scenarios? 1. Validation Photo of hand drawn example of JSON+LD validation. Just using proper HTML is a big way to do this. You can use a validator and you can look at your HTML, your CSS, and your JSON-LD. Creating the right code and especially when you’re using semantic HTML as well providing meaning to that code, you’re going to have a lot better experience and everything your building is more digestible.

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Responsive Photo of hand drawn image Phone Number QA of web pages resizing for mobile, medium screens, and large screens. Is your website responsive? You should be doing this already. But if you’re not, make sure it’s operating on a mobile and a desktop and a tablet device and the layout stays the same, it’s just maybe resized or re-imaged in a different way. 3. Interactable Photo of hand drawn web page with arrows to indicate different interactions available. Make sure it’s interactable. If a user wants to be able to zoom in because they have a.

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