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Social networks, emails, etc. A digital marketing expert is available for a call to promote your business Check how to improve your marketing channels to promote sales and customers in the business – free initial consultation (instead of NIS 599). full name phone E-mail Area of ​​activity of the business What service or product are you intereste in. I agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy I would love to receive updates, news and marketing information by email You can also request a marketing consultation call for your business through our WhatsApp . Another method is to create a WhatsApp Business campaign, this is a sponsore advertising campaign that allows you to promote your business account and get customers to contact you.

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It is possible to create a sponsore campaign (for a fee) as Kenya Phone Number List part of an advertising service on Facebook or advertising on Instagram . Facebook allows us to create a click ad campaign for WhatsApp. That is, you create an ad that is linke to your account and when a user clicks on it, the option opens for him to send you a message on WhatsApp. This is how it looks: WhatsApp Business campaign WhatsApp Business campaign Advantages – why is it worth it? WhatsApp is a very popular application and there is a good chance that your customers use it for sending messages with their friends or family, making voice or video calls and more. In addition, they may already be contacting businesses and receiving service from them.

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If your potential customers, including your target Phone Number QA audience, use this application to get a service or a sale, this campaign can help you. Beyond that, the messages there are instant messages, so we all expect to receive quick and swift answers. Therefore, it is likely that customers will want to deal with you this way. In addition, it is about a personal relationship with your target audience, it is not like an email. Therefore, the assumption is that the user receives a personal response that is tailore for him and will likely be more mature to make transactions with you. How to create a WhatsApp advertising campaign.

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