Teambition-Project Space User Experience Analysis Belarus WhatsApp Number List

However Teambition (tb for short) has always been my favorite project management tool. I saw this team was hiring a product manager a few months ago. And I tried to analyze it (an article from a few months ago). So I had some thoughts on this product. However And conjectures. Thinking and conjectures are not thoughtful. Please correct me. This paper decomposes according to the five levels of user experience elements. And proposes some thoughts on how to maintain tb competitiveness and improve business returns. 1. However Product overview Product name: teambition-project space Slogan: help you collaborate efficiently anytime. Anywhere. Introduction: simple and efficient team collaboration software Product description: However teambition is an easy-to-use work-study kit.



Fourth, the resource structure layer

However Taking the project space as a unit. It provides Belarus WhatsApp Number List basic applications and plug-in functions such as to-do. Online disk. Schedule. Document. Chat. Etc.. So that the team can efficiently participate in collaboration anytime. Anywhere. Main competing products: feishu. Worktile. Trello. Tower. Tita. Mingdaoyun. Kintone. Ones. Etc. 2. Strategic existence layer The strategic layer is to answer the initial strategic intention and explain why the product exists. Generally speaking. It answers the following three questions: 1. However What can our users get from us? It can be seen from tb’s slogan that it is to help users collaborate better. But from the essence of collaboration.

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Perception layer

Collaboration includes collaboration and Belarus WhatsApp Number List cooperation. Collaboration is interaction. Mainly for information interaction. However Work is completion. And the completion of the project is the management of project objectives. Therefore Schedule management. And results. It can be seen that users can simply and efficiently complete teamwork and achieve team goals through the services provided by tb. 2. Why should users of tb rely on tb? Essentially. However Why a product is worthy of users’ reliance is that it provides a certainty.Therefore  That tb can always provide users with certainty is that it can help users to complete teamwork easily and efficiently and achieve team goals.

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