Taiwan’s first roller guardrail is piloted on Beiyi Highway which is expected to greatly

When Huang Mingzhi and Chen Fangyu sang “Glass Heart”, some people said that there was a phenomenon of “discussing the Huang Mingzhi effect” on the Internet, but those who hold this view may not know that Huang Mingzhi used to be Chinese in Malaysia. Social influence – In 2007, Huang Mingzhi became popular in Malaysia with the song “Negarakuku” (I love my country). He rapped his dissatisfaction with the state of the country by adapting the tune of the national anthem, Negaraku. Looking back at the adaptation of the national anthem, Huang Mingzhi became the target of sniping by the ruling party and Malay conservative right-wing organizations after the short film became popular.


In Malaysia, which has a conservative folk

Customs and is in the post-Mahathir Namibia Phone Number authoritarian period. Members of the ruling party believe that Huang Mingzhi’s actions. Offend the national anthem.Challenge social harmony. And should be prosecut  under the Sedition Act 1948. Huang Mingzhi’s adaptation of the national. Anthem incident” temporarily occupied an important page in the Malaysian media. And even the government’s ” whether to accept his apology ” was submitt  Romania Phone Number to the cabinet meeti for discussion. Later, Huang Mingzhi’s works also naturally became the object of attention of the newspapers and media. Regard Huang Mingzhi, many people are concern about the political and social controversies caused by his works. But it is a pity that Huang Mingzhi is rarely discuss as a phenomenon and his own social effects.

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It just so happened that the period

When Huang Mingzhi became popular in China. The day when the popularization of online social media. In Malaysia and the prosperous democracy movement. And also the rebellious period of our post-90s Internet generation. For the “little angry youth” who were not deeply. Involved in the world at the time.Huang Mingzhi’s works and behaviors. occupi. A certain segment in our growth process. “Hardcore” Youtuber The following are just my observations. And I use this to share to illustrate the influence of Huang Mingzhi on our younger generation of Malaysian Chinese. Put it this way. When Huang Mingzhi became famous.Not only did he often cause trouble on political issues. But it also caus headaches for primary and secondary school teachers .Because Huang Mingzhi’s works easy to be sought after and imitat. By children in the rebellious period.  more importantly, there was a strong rebellious mentality that challenged and criticized the adult world of conformity. I think this is also an important factor in his popularity, because he has captured a lot of “rebellious” psychological factors: First, the content is rebellious enough. His famous work “Negarakuku” adapted the national anthem in a rap style, pushing the rebellious style to the extreme and directly challenging the authority of the state.

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